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Hello, and welcome to our website. I am Andy Wong, the founder of Rave Photography.


I make a living out of doing what I enjoy, photography. Photography is a fine art to me. It is my passion. Loving every moment of my work makes it easy to put my heart and soul into giving my best every day. It’s fun to find interesting new ways to do things. I believe we should always try to improve how we do things. That way, life never gets boring, and we can make the best even better.


Often, people I meet are curious about my work, my life and my passion. I suppose it always helps to understand a little about me before engaging us on a project.


Many people have asked me how it all began.


When I was five, my grandfather noticed my interest in photography and so decided to gift me his camera. His gift would launch me on a fulfilling, lifelong journey of artistic discovery and motivation. This was a defining moment in my life, as photography would become my lifelong passion from that point on.


I did reasonably well in school, and qualified to enter college. I chose not to. Instead, I enrolled in LaSalle College of the Arts as a Graphic Design major. It proved to be one of the best decisions of my life.


At LaSalle, I discovered my natural affinity with the camera and my love for taking pictures. My dean, Brother Joseph McNally allowed me to pursue my belief that art and photography could be one.

Art can be applied to photography. Photographs aren’t just photographs. They are sights, space and sound integrated into one, making it the total art form. To me, photographs should never be flat images; they ought to have depth, meaning, purpose and soul. After all, photographic image should really be a visual interpretation of the artist’s ever-evolving mind.


I was able to experiment and hone my skills relentlessly. It was gratifying, especially when I gained public recognition at several exhibitions where I showcased my works. People purchased my work! That was great! I was encouraged to further sharpen my skills and my style continued to mature. When the course was coming to an end, I decided to create photographic artwork for my final graduation coursework. The end of my course didn’t mark the end of my learning.


Upon graduating in 1991, I served as a photographer during my National Service stint, gaining further hands-on experience when I represented Pioneer magazine, a Singapore Armed Forces publication.


After national service I joined a commercial studio where I gained much exposure and valuable insights to the industry. The practical lessons I learnt throughout my journey from school to studio were crucial to the birth of my very own company, Rave Photography, in 1996.


With Rave Photography, I delved deeper into the photography business, working hard to build my reputation for my expertise and professionalism among many clients, a good number of whom have become friends.


Like most photographers and artists, I feel very happy when I see my work featured in advertising and branding campaigns, both in Singapore and around the world. However, what really makes it all worthwhile for me is the satisfaction I feel when our clients are happy with our work

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